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Peg (bitch, black with white chest, w: 1867, imported, "Webb's Peg", "Grafton's Peg", Burges 311)
George (dog, liver/white, w: 1865, imported, "Bruce's George", Burges 299)
Peg and George
"Peg and George"
-- Caption reads: "Don, English Setter - white and orange, Peg, English Pointer - black and white, George, English Pointer - liver and white, Owned by Dr. A. Strachan, New York. From a painting by Bisphan.". Image scanned from The American Kennel and Sporting Field by Arnold Burges, J.B. Ford & Co., New York, 1876.

""299. George". Liver and white. Born 1865. Dr. A.R. Strachan, New York. Imported 1867, from the Duke of Beaufort's kennel, by Sir Frederick Bruce., English Minister. Pedigree not reported."

""311. Peg". Black and white. Born 1867. Dr. A.R. Strachan, New York. Imported by Capt. Grafton. Pedigree not reported."

Sons and Daughters

  • Strachan's Flash, black, w: 1872, sire of "Steele's Flake" and "Webb's Whiskey".

Some GrandKids

In The Pedigree Of

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