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Stonethorpe Hup Du Chasse (dog, referred to as orange/white, picture in Bede Maxwell suggests lemon/white)
Stonethorpe Hup De Chasse
"Stonethorpe Hup De Chasse"
-- Image scanned from The Truth About Sporting Dogs by Bede Maxwell.

""Stonethorpe Hup De Chasse" was imported from France to England in 1950 by Peter Woodford, (Stonethorpe prefix) of Aylesbury, after an extensive search in Europe for a stud with the breed type and elegance desired. Stonethorpe leans more to working Pointers than to show, but the elegance of the stock following the importation is still much in evidence in English show competition, too." -- Bede Maxwell, 1972, The Truth About Sporting Dogs

"While on a trip to France ... he (Peter Woodford) found and orange and white dog, "Hup du Chasse" that had a good record in that country. The purchase was completed and after quarantine the Stonethorpe affix was incorporated into the dog's title. "Hup Du Chase" was placed at stud and John Garnett of the Leveredge pointers became the first to use him. One of the resulting puppies, owned by Mr. Tommy Grannan became a challenge certificate winner. Altho not used exentsively, this French dog did, however, leave his mark on show and field trial dogs. At the time there was much controversy in the dog papers regarding the introduction of French blood into Pointers in this country with many heated exchanges taking place." -- Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present

"He (Peter Woodford) went to France to have a look at the pointers there and he purchased "Hup Du Chasse", an orange and white dog with an unequalled record in its home country. After this dog had done six months' quarantine he was placed at stud. The first pointer man to use this dog was John Garnett of the Leveredge pointers. He mated his good brood bitch "Leveredge Shani" to "Hup" and produced a fine litter of pups with heads showing a great deal of working in them, and with particularly good angulation of hindquarters. John kept "Leveredge Lonnie". Another frome this litter went to Tom Grannan, "Leveredge Lariat", and became a C.C. winner. A large number of puppies from "Hup's" litters became championship show winners." -- Edmondson and Robertshaw, The Pointer


  • Fr. F.Ch. You You de Montville

    • Fr. F.Ch. Saul de Biturges
    • Thalie de L'Erica


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    • Yalon
    • Amirka de Chanteloup

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