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His Majesty (dog, liver/white, w: May 1, 1922, English Champion)

His Majesty
"His Majesty"
-- Scanned from The Pointer as a Show Dog by Lola Macdonald Daly. Caption reads: "His Majesty, Photo, Metcalfe, Barnard Castle. No dog has played a bigger part in the evolution of the breed in this century."

"By 1920 dogdom was again active and shows and field trials were once more in full swing. "Lune Prince", at this time owned by Tom Moorby, whose kennel was founded in 1919, created a wonderful record, but there was one pointer which beat him on several occasions. This was "Ben of Bobbing", who became a dual champion. The Ferndale Kennel remained a strong power as did Tom Steadman's Mallwyds. Ernest Scott had a bitch, "Queen Grouse", who became the dam of "His Majesty", owned by H. Lonsdale. This dog became a most successful sire, with "Ch. Flagan of Ardagh" and "Int. Ch. Felicity of Ardagh", owned by H.E. Whitwell, among his progeny." -- Edmondson and Robertshaw, 1978

His Majesty

Stylish Touchstone
(w: 1919)
Stylish Roxo Benedict of Upton Sim  
Seth O'Gymru
(w: 1898)
Don O'Gymru
(w: 1892)
Sue O'Gymru
Stylish Kate Dick  
NOTE -- two different listings for "Stylish Kate"'s dam ... Lola Macdonald Daly lists "Bee" while Robertshaw (2000) lists "Stylish Iris" ... see "Stylish Touchstone" pages for more information  
Stylish Tango Stylish Mick Stylish Long Tom Stylish Baron
Stylish Ruth
Stylish Gypsum Gordon Bragg
Gordon Ruby
Stylish Iris Stylish Bragg F.T.Ch. Faskally Bragg
(w: 1898)

Faskally Bragg

Pitchford Circe
("Old Circe")
("Circe I")
(w: 1896)
Stylish Beauty II
("Stylish Beauty")

NOTE -- two different listings for "Stylish Iris"'s dam ... Lola Macdonald Daly lists "Stylish Beauty II" while Robertshaw (2000) lists "Stylish Beauty" ... see "Stylish Touchstone" pages for more information

Queen Grouse

Queen Grouse

Stylish Spraggon Mallwyd Morris Mallwyd Dick Haisthorpe Shot
(w: 1901)
Her Majesty
(w: 1901)
Mallwyd Muriel
(w: 1912)
Ch. Pitchford Rifle
(w: 1905)
Mallwyd Kathleen
(w: 1909)
Mallwyd Snowflake Mallwyd Mars Sim
Mallwyd Pear Ch. Mallwyd Jeff
(w: 1909)

Mallwyd Jeff

Ch. Mallwyd Kathleen
(w: 1909)
Marguerite Broom Hill Dan
(w: 1910)

Broom Hill Dan

Bolton Stella Ferndale Bracken  
Ferndale Nancy
(w: 1907)
Ferndale Don II
Ferndale Belle
(w: 1899)

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