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Ch. Highflier of Ide (Forest Fleet) (dog)

"The first post-war Champion was "Ch. Highflier of Ide" who belonged to the all-round Gundog personality, Joe Braddon. This was Joe Braddon's first Pointer Champion." -- Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present

"J.H.J. Braddon had the distinction of owning the first post-war champion in "Ch. Highflier of Ide". He was bred at Crookrise by Walter Edmondson from the mating of "Cravendale Crofter" to his bitch "Cravendale Cara". "Highflier" had eight CC's and achieved a tremendous win when he was flown to Dublin for the St. Patrick's Day championship Show and pulled off the Best In Show All Breeds Award. Mr. Braddon later sold him to America. During the immediate post-war period Mr. Braddon also won C.C.s with "Casville Cavalier of Ide and his litter sister "Casville Coquette of Ide" and the Irish-bred bitch "Cildara serenade of Ide"." -- Edmondson and Robertshaw, 1978, The Pointer

""Cara" bred the first champion for this kennel (Crookrise), in her first litter, when mated to the Lambert's "Cravendale Crofter". At the time ... still using the Forest affix so this dog was originally named "Forest Fleet" although, following a spectacular career as a young puppy, he was sold to Joe Braddon and his name was changed to "Highflier of Ide". He notched up his quota of challenge certificates and his qualifier in the field to become the first post war champion." -- Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present



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