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Pointer History and Pedigrees
Hazelbarrow Derry (bitch, liver/white)
Sh. Ch. Hazelbarrow Doubloon (dog)
Hazelbarrow Dragoon (dog, black/white)


  • Hazelbarrow Crookrise Bess

    • Hazelbarrow Buck Shot
    • Crookrise Harmony of Eaglesham
      • Angus of Eaglesham
        • Crookrise Leveredge Luke
        • Crookrise Avis
          • Ch. Crookrise Cadet of Muick
          • Crookrise Ace
      • Columbine of Eaglesham
        • Ch. Crookrise Breeze
          • Crookrise Sensation (l/w)
          • Ernford Galatea
        • Blackfield Ibis
          • Blackfield Oksby Frijis
          • Blackfield Galla

Sons and Daughters

Some GrandKids

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