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Harris Mac (dog, lemon, w: December 1874, owner: J.W. Harris, breeder: Capt. J.H. Hall, Dayton, Ohio, #2915 (AKC), owner listed as "Mr. J.W. Harries")

"A dog that was quite an influence upon the pointers of the middle states during the latter seventies was "Harris Mac". This dog was whelped in December 1874, was solid lemon in color and was bred by Captina J. H. Hall. "Mac" is registered under number 2915 in volume II of the American Kennel Register and his breeding is given as by "Brush" ("Otto" - "Meg") out of "Belle". "Mac" was a very large dog, weighing seventy-five pounds or more. His head was of the heavy southern hound type, with deep flews and prominent dewlap. He was strong in bone and muscle, rather heavy in shoulders and remarkably good in loin and quarters which gave his thighs and stifles tremendous driving power. On his sire's side he was a lineal descendent of the old Pape strain of black pointers, as they were known in the sixties and seventies." -- Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and the Setter in America

"In the middle states, principally in southern Ohio, where pointers were bred from time immemorial, the dog "Harris' Mac" was very well thought of. He was whelped in 1874, was solid lemon in color, and decidedly one of the old, heavy-flewed kind. Local tradition tells us a very pretty story about this dog being descended from the old Pape strain of black pointers through a dog called "Otto" that was brought over to America by Colonel York of Cincinnati in 1867 or '68. "Harris' Mac" was a splendid field dog and acquired such a great local reputation that most pointer fanciers bred to him. Messrs. Sander, at the time very active in pointer breeding, sent a bitch to him called "Linn" and from this union came "Diana" which produced a rather remarkable litter by "Meteor", among which were the bench winners, "King Shot", "Pap Smizer" and "Rumpty". Bred to "Seitner's Lass" (by imported "Sleaford" out of "Dawn") "Mac" became the sire of "Lady" which produced "Glendale" when mated to "Bodine". "Glendale" was the sire of "Champion Duke of Vernon" and "Stanley". Once more we have evidencd that this so-called native stock was pure and when mated with the later importations, bred on in a very satisfactory manner." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

Harris Mac

(solid liver)

(a Pape black ???)

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