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Grecian Bend (bitch, liver/white, w: March 19, 1872, breeder/owner Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price, EKC 1153)
Roman Fall (dog, liver/white, w: 1872, breeder/owner, Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price, EKC 994)

""1153 Grecian Bend" -- Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price's, Rhiwlas, Bala, North Wales; breeder, owner; born March 19th, 1872; colour liver and white. Pedigree: By "Mr. Wolf's Don (No.837)" out of "Mr. Price's Belle (No.1058)". Chief Performance: Field Trials, Shrewsbury, 1873; 1st prize in the Acton Reynald Stakes for pointer braces (with "Bell", her dam); entered in the Pointer Puppy Stakes but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

NOTE -- according to EKC, 1874, Vol.I, "Don 837" is the "Duke of Westminster's Don" ("Bragg II" x "Juno"). "Don 838" is "Mr. C.H. Wolff's Don" ("Bang" x "Vesta").

""994 Roman Fall" -- Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price's, Rhiwlas, Bala; breeder, owner; born 1872; colour, liver and white. Pedigree: By "Wolff's Don" out of "Price's Belle (No.1058)"; "Don" by "Bang" out of "Vesta"; "Bang" by "Hamlet (No.876)" out of "Gilbert's Venus", by "Bird's Bob (No.756)". Chief Performances: Field Trials, Shrewsbury, 1873, entered in the Pointer Puppy Stakes but not placed; Bala, 1873, 2nd prize with "Belle" in the Penllynn Stakes for braces (pointers and setters), entered in the Wynnstay Stakes for Puppies but not placed; Ipswich, 1873, divided 3rd prize, for pointer puppies, with "Bride"." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

" "Belle" was bred by Lord Henry Bentinck in 1870, and was by his "Ranger" out of his "Grouse". She became the property of Mr. Price when quite a young bitch, her first public record at a field trial being at Vaynol in 1872, when she won the County Stakes for all-aged bitches, and also the Brace Stakes with "Judy" as a companion. At Shrewsbury, in 1873, she followed up her successes, as she won the All-aged and the Brace Stakes, coupled with her daughter, "Grecian Bend". Her principal triumph was, however, at Bala, in the following autumn, as although she was only second with "Roman Fall" in the Brace Stakes, won by "Squire" and "Ranger", she had an ample revenge on the last day of the meeting, as "Squire" was very soon settled, but "Ranger" gave Mr. Price's bitch a great deal of trouble, and the final tie between them was one of the best and most evenly-contested ever seen; and it was only the trifling superiority of pace, shown particularly towards the end of the trial, that gained "Belle" the award." -- EKC, November 1882

Grecian Bend - Roman Fall

Mr. Wolf's Don
(EKC 838)
(w: 1870)

(once owned by Mr. Norrish (EKC 830) ... breeder is Mr. Samuel Price)

Bang Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)


Gilbert's Venus Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Price's Vesta      
Price's Belle
(EKC 1058)
(w: 1870)

Price's Belle


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