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Great Island Ringing Bells (bitch, liver/white, w: April 3, 1916)
Holman's Pearl Mitchell (bitch, lemon/white, w: April 3, 1916)
Tom Doone (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: April 3, 1916)

"It was another of Fate's playful little ironies ... the imported "Tom Speedy", for just as his true worth was beginning to be appreciated, he also passed away; the date of his death being March 8, 1916. Luckily, however, not long before his death, Mr. Jones, who then owned "Lorna Doone", the daughter of "Manitoba Rap" and "Lady Ferris", bred this bitch to "Tom Speedy". Previous to that he had bred twice to "Comanche Frank" and produced "Mary Montrose", "Royal Flush", and that set, but at the time Jones bred to "Tom Speedy", he was still unaware as to what this first nick was going to produce. With him it was not so much oa matter of breeding for a purpose as breeding for expediency. Be that as it may, perhaps fortune again played its part, for had "Lorna Doone" not been bred to "Tom Speedy" on this occasion, the world would never have known what results this nick could produce. From this litter came the puppy which later became known to the world as "Great Island Ringing Bells", undoubtedly one of the outstanding pointer bitches of history. ... "Ringing Bells" is unquestionably "Tom Speedy's" greatest product, though his blood will be carried on through his son "Banker"." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

"She was developed in her early days by R.K. Armstrong, who campaigned her for William Ziegler, Jr., during her derby season after which "Great Island Ringing Bells" went into the hands of Joseph Crane and Herbert Tomlinson. "Bells", or "Lou", as she was called, became Joe Crane's especial favorite; she and "Comanche Rap" formed a great brace in Crane's charge. "Ringing Bells" never became a champion, but she had qualities far greater than many a dog that carries the title. She was bred several times, but the kennels were never able to raise a litter of puppies from her. In this respect she was like her half sister "Mary Montrose". At last, in the summer of 1923 she proved to be in whelp, but complications set in and she died during parturition on July 31, her puppies going with her." -- Hochwalt, 1923

Great Island Ringing Bells

Tom Speedy
(w: 1908)
Lorna Doone
(w: 1913)

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