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Glauca (bitch, liver/white/ticked, w: February 25, 1884, breeder Rev. W. Shield (England), owner Westminster Kennel Club (USA), AKC 5585)
Gladsome (dog, lemon/white, w: 1884, breeder/owner Rev. W. Sheild, EKC 19183)
Ch. Flake O'the Border (Flake III) (dog, liver/white, w: February 21, 1885, breeder/owner Rev. W. Shield, owner Mr. R. Chapman, EKC 22186)

""5585 Glauca" -- Westminster Kennel Club, Babylon, L.I., Breeder, Rev. W. Shield, England. Whelped February 25, 1884; liver, white and ticked; by "Fluke (E.13,758)", out of "Champion Glee (E.13,421)", by "Digby" out of "Nell"; "Digby" by "Bob", out of "Sappho"; "Fluke" by "Faust (E.6034)", out of "Belle", by "Duke", out of "Nell"." -- AKC Studbook, 1887, Vol.IV

""19183 Gladsome" -- Rev. W. Sheild's, Whittingham Vicarage, Alnwick; breeder, owner; date of birth, 1884; colour, lemon and white. By "Fluke (13758)" out of "Glee (13421)". Field Trials Shrewsbury, 1st (Puppy Stakes)." -- EKC Studbook, 1885, Vol.XIII

""22186 Flake III" -- The Rev. W. Shield's, Whittingham Vicarage, Alnwick; breeder, owner; date of birth, February 21st, 1885; colour, liver and white. By "Fluke (13,758)" out of "Glee (13,421)". Darlington, 3rd." -- EKC Studbook, 1887, Vol.XV

""22186 Flake O'the Border" -- Mr. R. Chapman's, Glenboig. Glasgow (Canine Club), 1st; Strabane, 1st; Edinburgh, 3rd." -- EKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.XVI

"The Westminster Kennel Club imported "Glauca" and bred her to "Naso of Kippen", but while some bench winners and the bitch, "Gladiola", the dam of "Rush of Lad" were produced from this mating, we find no field trial winners to her credit from this or any subsequent matings." -- Hochwalt, 1911

Glauca - Flake O'the Border

(Rev. Shield's)
(w: 1879)
(w: 1875)
Shield's Belle
(w: 1876)
Ch. Glee
(w: 1881)
(w: 1879)
Norrish's Bob Whitehouse's Hamlet

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(littersister to Price's Bang)

Coham's Bang
Price's Vesta
Andrew's Sappho

("direct from Lord Sefton's Kennels")
Sefton's Sam Statter's Major
Sefton's Drab
Sefton's Flirt Sefton's Mat
Sefton's Deuce
Nell of Efford
(w: 1879)

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