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"From Jake to Drake -- 41 Generations of Fathers and Sons"
Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Sunset's Northern Sky, "Jake" (w: 1995)
to Garth's Drake (w: 1868) ...
and Beyond
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this is a direct line of SIRES ... the line below is the parents of the Sire above ... ... for example:
  1. Sunset's Northern Sky is Jake
  2. Pathfinder Bobby is Jake's dad, Harvest Moon is Jake's mom
  3. Johnny Appleseed is Pathfinder's Bobby's dad, Sweet N Sassy is Pathfinder Bobby's mom
  4. Texas Gold of Ravica is Johnny Appleseed's dad, Pineapple Poll is Johnny Appleseed's mom
  5. Triumphant Legacy is Texas Gold of Ravica's dad, Lady Vanessa is Texas Gold's mom
  6. etc.

  1. Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Sunset's Northern Sky
    ("Jake") (o/w, w: 10-13-95) ... (Jake's 5-generation pedigree)

  2. Ch. Marjetta Pathfinder Bobby (b/w) x Ch. Marjetta Harvest Moon, JH (o/w)
  3. Ch. Marjetta Johnny Appleseed (o/w) x Ch. Truewithem Sweet N Sassy (l/w)
  4. Ch. Marjetta Texas Gold of Ravica (o/w) x Ch. Pipeaway Pineapple Poll (o/w, English Import to US)
  5. Ch. Marjetta Triumphant Legacy (l/w) x BIS Ch. Marjetta Lady Vanessa (b/w)
  6. Ch. Kinnike LB Foolish O'Luftnase (l/w) x Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph (l/w)
  7. Ch. Rossenarra Amontillado of Crookrise (l/w, English Import to the US) x Am/Can Ch. Crookrise Crystal (b/w)
  8. Crookrise Devil x Crookrise Yellow Star
  9. Sh. Ch. Crookrise Flint (o/w) x Crookrise Spell
  10. Crookrise Guy x Sh. Ch. Crookrise Freda
  11. Buersil Ginger of Ballydoogan x Sh. Ch. Crookrise Vogue
  12. Am. Ch. Crookrise Jessie (o/w, English Import to US) x Sh. Ch. Josie of Ballydoogan
  13. Sh. Ch. Millmeadow Maverick (w: 1968) x Crookrise Josie
  14. Sh. Ch. Witherm Winston x Birdbrook Coronation
  15. Marford's Lyric x Sh. Ch. Witherm Jayars Revival
  16. Palaquin Phoenix x Lamorran Melody of Marford
  17. Rex of Ballymoy x Pageantry of Westwind
  18. Image Cravendale Crofter x Dunstenmoor's Silver Gown
  19. Bellaport Broadcaster x Bellaport Primrose of Highmead
  20. Pennine Pilot x Bellaport Bertania
  21. Image Int. Ch. Pennine Paramount of Prune's Own (English Import to US) x Elstone Harebell (w: circa 1934)
  22. Image Ch. Marlais Marksman x Miss Darkie
  23. Ferndale Faro x Fancy Me
  24. Ferndale Fob (w: 2-2-21) x Ferndale Foam
  25. Ferndale General x Dinah II
  26. Ferndale Nero x Ferndale Nun
  27. Ferndale Wagg x Ferndale Nancy
  28. Ferndale Naso x Ferndale Venus (possibly Ferndale Remus ?)
  29. Ferndale Don II x Ferndale Belle
  30. Heather Tyrant x Ferndale Gem
  31. Image Heather James x Heather Beauty
  32. Salmo x Molton Bronte
  33. Dunning's Torridge x (a Sanford bitch)
  34. Pilkington's Gough x Price's Climax
  35. Pilkington's Garnet x Pilkington's Doxey
  36. Pilkington's Tory x Pilkington's Jessie

  37. Garth's Drake (w: 1868) x Moore's Mab ... (Drake's 5-generation pedigree)
    Drake, from an oil by George Earl
    Garth's Drake
    -- image from an oil by George Earl, from Enos Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage

  38. Garth's Rap x Garth's Doll
  39. Comberbach's Don x Garth's Jilt
  40. Cornwall Legh's Mars x Comberbach's Moll
  41. Corbett's Pallas (a Spanish import to England) x Cornwall Legh's Peg

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