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Pointer History and Pedigrees
Ch. Pipeaway Focus Fascination (bitch)
Pipeaway Party Politics (dog, orange/white)
  • Sh. Ch. Pipeaway Scritti Politti

    • Hazelbarrow Larry (lem/wh)
      • Sh. Ch. Peakdale Artisan from Hayapark (l/w)
        • Sh. Ch. Hazelbarrow Doubloon
          • Axters Harvester
          • Hazelbarrow Crookrise Bess
        • Billsborough Bull's Eye
          • Sh. Ch. Daviam Titus Andronicus
          • Simlor Royal Soverign
      • Hazelbarrow Derry (l/w)
        • Axters Harvester
          • Fernglen Fiction
          • Axters Hannah Darling
        • Hazelbarrow Crookrise Bess
          • Hazelbarrow Buck Shot
          • Crookrise Harmony of Eaglesham

    • Pipeaway Tiger Lily (b/w)
      • Am. Ch. Frebell Black Jack of Pipeaway (b/w)
        • Sh. Ch. Pipeaway Black Rod (b/w)
        • Trebaros Pheasant
          • Cassius of Eastlands
          • Grousemoor Crookrise Vicky (littersister ? to Sh. Ch. Crookrise Vogue)
      • Am. Sh. Ch. Woolmers Apricot Lil of Pipeway (o/w)
        • Jed of Crookrise
          • Aust. Ch. Jeremy of Crookrise
          • Crookrise Cowslip
        • Dalric Harriet


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