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Nat.F.Ch. Ferris Jake (dog, lemon/white, w: April 23, 1916, breeder E.T. Cole, owner Charles E. Griffith, Nat.F.Ch. 1921, FDSB 39833)

"The most notable pointer to appear during the last half of the season was the white and lemon dog, "Ferris' Jake", owned by Major D.C. White, of Wheeler, Ala., and handled by him during those years. "Ferris' Jake" is the dog referred to as having come out in the puppy stake of the Louisiana trials a few years previous to this. In build he resembled his sire "John Proctor", and many of his traints in action and on game were also analogous to the old dog as he was in his derby days. "Jake" was an extraordinarily wide dog, but he handled well. On game he was rather indecisive, not to say slovenly. As a matter of fact, "Jake" was not a great bird dog during his early days before the public and many is the time he ran races without finding, though other dogs on the same course proved birds to be there. "Jake's" smooth manner in action, his remarkable stamina and his bidability, however, frequently carried him into the second series and he was hailed as a coming pointer. He won second in the All-America amateur quail championship at Letohatchie, in January, 1919, and was runner-up in the Alabama Championship, to "Pearl of Joyeuse", a daughter of "John Proctor" and "Rap's Ferris' Queen", ownerd by J.K. Ottley, and handled in this stake by Jack Biddle. ... The work on game as shown us by "Ferris' Jake" on this occasion did not satisfy us and that is why we could not place him first. As "Ferris' Jake" became older in years and experience he improved greatly in this respect, but he was never quite the lofty, upstanding dog on his points that one could stamp as perfection."

"Major White was probably not entirely satisfied with "Jake", but he knew and appreciated his good qualities; he bred him to bitches from strains that were strong in qualities where he was faulty and time has shown results. "Ferris' Jake", up to this date, (October 1923) is the sire of twelve winners, the principal ones having been bred by the Major."

"C.E. Griffith, of Oklahoma, became the owner of "Ferris' Jake" some time after the dog came into public notoriety. Mack Pritchette was training for Mr. Griffith and it devolved upon the young handler to make a showing. It was, no doubt, an ardous task and for some time Pritchette was unable to get results, but success finally came, for he won the most coveted honor of them all when "Ferris' Jake" was awarded the title of National Champion at Grand Junction, Tenn., in Janaury, 1921."

-- Hochwalt, 1923

Nat.F.Ch. Ferris Jake

Nat.F.Ch. John Proctor
(w: 1910)
(1916 Nat.F.Ch.)

Nat.F.Ch. John Proctor

Lady Ferris
(w: 1909)

Lady Ferris


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