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Faust (Pilkington's Faust) (dog, liver/white, w: May 1875, imported 1879, breeder/owner (England) Mr. George Pilkington, owner (USA) Mr. S.A. Kaye, EKC 6034, AKC 2884)

""Faust" -- Mr. S.A. Kaye, St. Louis, Mo. Breeder, Mr. Geo. Pilkington, England. Whelped May, 1875; liver and white, by "Sam", out of "Nell"; "Sam" by "Major", out of "Drab"; "Nell" by "Drake", out of "Moll"." -- AKC Studbook, Vol.II

""6034 Faust" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, Stoneleigh, Wootton Hill, near Liverpool; breeder, owner; whelped May, 1875; colour, liver and white ticked. Pedigree: By "Lord Sefton's Sam" out of "G. Pilkington's Nell", by "Drake (No.842)" out of "Sturgeon's Moll", by "Drake (No.842)", out of "Garth's Belle"; "Sam" by "Major (No.905)", out of "Sefton's Drab", by "Derby's Drake" out of "Sefton's Sappho", by "Sefton's Shot" out of "Sefton's Pearl", by "Sefton's Beau" out of "White's Sister to Monarch"; "Shot" by "Beale's Bang" out of "Sefton's Jessie"; "Drake" by "Ranger (No.961)" out of "Derby's Sal", by "Neilson's Duke" out of "Derby's Jilt"." -- EKC Studbook, 1877, Vol.IV

"The next important epoch in the St. Louis Kennel Club's activities was in 1879, when S.A. Kaye, a member of the club, brought over "Faust", for which he paid $1,350. This was the largest price ever paid for a pointer here in America up to this time, but Faust was considered the best heavyweight specimen of his breed that came out of England, and no one thought the figure exorbitant, condisering the individual. He was bred by George Pilkington, and was whelped in May, 1875. He was, in every sense of the word, a pure Drake-Sefton bred dog, for his sire was "Lord Sefton's Sam", and his dam, "Pilkington's Nell", a daugther of "Drake" and "Moll". "Faust" was a very large dog, but one of the shiftiest and quickest in action that one could imagine. Furthermore, he was a perfect model in conformation, and before coming to America his success on the bench was phenomenal, for in 1877 he won first at Alexandria Palace, first at Crystal Palace, and the next year first at Birmingham. In America his initial appearance on the bench was at Boston, where he won first, and after that his career was an unbroken string of successes. Even in his day, however, he was considered too l arge a dog for field trials, although it was claimed for him that he was wonderfully good on game, and the late Dr. Rowe, founder of the "American Field", is credited with saying that Faust was the best pointer he ever saw in the mere matter of handling birds. While the records do not actually show just how great an influence Faust was on the breed, his many sons and daughters which figure in the pedigrees of our present-day pointers are significant evidence of this prepotency." -- Hochwalt, 1923


Lord Sefton's Sam Statter's Major

(no b'date given in EKC --- however, he competed in shows between 1866-1869)

Old Major Antrobus Major Statham's Ross

(son of Edge's Beau)

Antrobus's Moll
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Taylor's Ben
Statter's Lill
Garth's Mite Derby's Duke Drake
Derby's Daisy Drake
Yarboro's Nell
("Yarborough's Nell")
Sefton's Drab Derby's Drake Ch. Newton's Ranger
(w: 1859)
Whichcote's Ranger
Foster's Ruth
Derby's Sal Neilson's Duke
Derby's Jilt
Sefton's Sappho Sefton's Shot
("Sefton's Spot")
(Beal's, Staham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Sefton's Jessie

(sister to Beau)

Sefton's Pearl Sefton's Beau
sister to White's Monarch
Pilkington's Nell Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Sturgeon's Moll Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Garth's Belle
("Garth's Bell")
Sir V. Corbett's dog  
Garth's Myrtle  

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