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Edge's Rake (dog, w: 1838 or 1839)

"On October 1st, 1844, there was another epoch-making sale at the death of Mr. Thomas Webb Edge (b. 1788) of Strelley Hall near Nottingham, the pointers being of nearly identical blood with the Hopton breed. Mr. Edge was closely connected with Mr. Gell, was cousin to Mr. Hurt of Alderwasley, Derbyshire, and uncle to Mr. James Holden of Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, and to Mr. George Moore of Appleby, Leicestershire. All of these were pointer-lovers, whose dogs figure largely in many pedigrees. Mr. Moore bought several pointers at his uncle's sale, and at Appleby the prestige of the race was maintained well into the show-period. Among other purchases was the fourth Duke of Portland, who at the advice of his sons, Lords Henry and George Bentinck, refreshed his kennel by the acquisition of the famous five-year-old stud-dog "Rake", and two brace of puppies. With these Lord Henry achieved remarkable results, culminating perhaps in "Mr. Price's Belle", a great trial-winner about 1872. Mr. T. Statter also established a valuable kennel with his selecitons from the nineteen pointers offered." -- Arkwright, 1906

Edge's Rake


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