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Ch. Duke of Vernon ("Whiteley's Duke") (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: February 1886, AKC 7942, AKC 11038)
Stanley (dog)

""7942 Whiteley's Duke" -- Burt H. Whiteley, Springfield, Ohio. Breeder, E.F. Stoddard, Dayton, Ohio. Whelped June 1, 1886; liver, white and ticked; by "Glendale", out of "Spotless", by "Lort (2912)", out of "Lass (3063)"; "Glendale", by "Bodine (2852)", out of "Stoddard's Lady". Bench Show -- 2d, (puppy), Dayton, 1886." -- AKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.V

""11038 Duke of Vernon (formerly "Whiteley's Duke", 7942)" -- L. Gardner, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Breeder, A. Swartzhauber, Dayton, Ohio. Whelped February 1886; white and liver ticked; by "Glendale", out of "Spotless", by "Lort (2912)", out of "Lass (3063)"; "Glendale" by "Bodine (2852)", out of "Stoddard's Lady", by "Mack", out of "Lass"." -- AKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.V

NOTE: different breeder between the two entries

"In the middle states, principally in southern Ohio, where pointers were bred from time immemorial, the dog "Harris' Mac" was very well thought of. He was whelped in 1874, was solid lemon in color, and decidedly one of the old, heavy-flewed kind. ... Bred to "Seitner's Lass" (by imported "Sleaford" out of "Dawn") "Mac" became the sire of "Lady" which produced "Glendale" when mated to "Bodine". "Glendale" was the sire of "Champion Duke of Vernon" and "Stanley". Once more we have evidencd that this so-called native stock was pure and when mated with the later importations, bred on in a very satisfactory manner." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

Ch. Duke of Vernon

(w: 1883)
("Spotless S")
(w: 1882)
(w: 1877)
(w: 1875)
(w: 1871)
General Prim
(w: 1868)
Holford's Bang
(w: 1865)
Lort's Fairy
Lort's Dessy Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Lort's Sal
(w: 1863)
Seitner's Lass
(w: 1880)

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