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Drayton (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: March 1886, breeder Mr. Drinkwater, owner Mr. W.L. Nicholson, EKC 24376)

""24376 Drayton" -- Mr. W. L. Nicholson's, Ercall Heath, Market Drayton; breeder, Mr. Drinkwater; date of birth, March, 1886; colour, white and liver ticked. By "Col. Cote's Carlo" out of "breeder's Gentle", by "Save (13382)" out of "Glitter"; "Carlo" by "Jasper" out of "Sall". Manchester, 1st; Newport, 2nd; Birmingham, 3rd." -- EKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.XVI

NOTE -- EKC 13382 is listed as "Prior", liver/white, w: February 9, 1882, breeder Mr. J. Fletcher, owner Mr. C.H. Beck, by "Young Ponto (11303)" out of "Lort's Totnes", by "Naso (7087)" out of "Hebe (9045)". -- EKC Studbook, 1882, Vol.X


Col. Cote's Carlo
("Carlo IV")
(w: 1883)
Jasper Burr    
Sall Faust
(w: 1875)
Westminster's Sall    
Drinkwater's Gentle Save

NOTE -- EKC 13382 is listed as "Prior" --- see notes above


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