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Dot's Pearl (bitch, liver/white, w: May 22, 1895 (AKC), w: May 24, 1895 (FDSB), breeder J.R. Turner, Chicago, FDSB 388, AKC 42563)
Ripstone (dog, black/white, w: May 24, 1895, owner W.P. Austin)
Young Rip Rap (dog, black/white, w: May 24, 1895, AKC 41525)

Caption reads: "Ripstone. By Rip Rap-Pearl's Dot. Full brother to Young Rip Rap and Dot's Pearl. White-and-black. Bench winner and field trial performer. King of Kent and Trinket's Bang blood. Owner, Mr. W.P. Austin, Mansfield, Pennsylvania. Photograph by Schreiber." -- Image from The Sporting Dog, by Joseph A. Graham, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1904.

Young Rip Rap
"Young Rip Rap"
-- Image scanned from Field Dog Stud Book, Vol.II, 1902.

""42563 Dot's Pearl" -- J.B. Turner, Chicago, Ill. Breeder, Geo. E. Gray, Appleton, Minn. Whelped May 22, 1895; liver and white and ticked; by "Rip Rap (14314)", out of "Pearl's Dot (15,879)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1896, Vol.XIII

""388 Dot's Pearl" -- J.B. Turner, Chicago, Ill. Breeder, G.E. Gray, Appleton, Minn. Whelped May 24, 1895. White, liver and ticked bitch. Sire, "Rip Rap", "King of Kent" ("Priam" x "Kent Baby") x "Hops" ("Salter's Mike" x "Salter's Romp"); dam, "Pearl's Dot", "Trinket's Bang" ("Croxteth" x "Trinket") x "Pearlstone" ("Bang II" x "Lloyd's Hebe")." -- FDSB 1901, Vol.I

""41525 Young Rip Rap" -- Chas. B. Pineo, Bar Harbor, Me. Breeder, Geo. E. Gray, Appleton, Minn. Whelped May 25, 1895; black and white; by "Rip Rap (14314)", out of "Pearl's Dot (15,879)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1896, Vol.XIII

"The family of "Jingo" and that of "Rip Rap" have often been compared, and by some the latter is considered the greater of the two; by other "Jingo" and his get are given the palm. However this may be, one must take into consideration that "Jingo" was several years younger thn "Rip Rap", and many of the latter's daughters were available as brood matrons, which naturally gave "Jingo" the advantage as a sire. "Dot's Pearl", that peerless mother of winners, was a daughter of "Rip Rap", and to "Jingo" brought forth eight of the latter's most famous performers and producers, both sons and daughters. "Jingo" sired a total of twenty-two field trial winners, as follows: "Sister Sue", "Young Jingo", "Jingo's Johnny", "Dot's Jingo", "Lad of Jingo", "Jingo's Light", "Two Spot", "Ightfield Chic", "Jingo's Pearl", "Drillmaster", "King Cyrano", "Dot's Daisy", "Jingo's Hessen", "Gold King", "Gorham's Jing", "Keystone Jim", "Royal Chic", "Jingo's Cash", "Jingo's Romp", "Alix II", "Jingo's Coin", and "Jingo's Boy"." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

"The next time she ("Pearl's Dot") goes to "Rip Rap" and this was the most successful nick; for to him she produces "Young Rip Rap", five times a winner, "Ripple", three times a winner, and "Ripstone", once a winner, and the great producer of winners, "Dot's Pearl"." -- Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and Setter in America

Note -- Willoughby, 1946, The Cream of Pointerdom, 1900 through 1945, lists a "Ripple" as the son of "Young Rip Rap" and "Gorham's Dorothy".

"The best son of "Rip Rap", however, was, without question, "Young Rip Rap", also a black and white dog, much handsomer in conformation than his sire, and a very brilliant performer in the field. He was the dog which really took his sire's place, for while there were a number of non-perfoming sons which were no doubt as good as he in blood lines on the maternal side and in individuality, it is but natural that the public will flock to the winners, and as "Young Rip Rap" was a consistent performer in trials for several years in succession, he obtained a great vogue. His dam was "Pearl's Dot", by "Trinket's Bang", out of "Pearlstone"; thus, in the female line, "Young Rip Rap" was par excellence. He was placed five times in important field trials, and became the sire of sixteen winners, the two having the best records being "Rip Tick" and "Rip's Lass". -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

""Dot's Pearl" was unquestionably the greatest producing bitch that this coutry ever saw. This is the bitch so frequently referred to in chronicling the history of the field trial pointer in America. It was to her and her dam, "Pearl's Dot", that so many of the field trial winners of recent years must be credited. "Dot's Pearl" was the dam of ten winners which between them won twelve first, thirteen seconds, twelve thirds, and two fourths; a total of thirty-nine places. This is a remarkable record and is only surpassed by the setter bitch "Jessie Rodfield" ... "Dot's Pearl", it will be remembered, is by "Rip Rap" out of "Pearl's Dot", the daughter of "Trinket's Bang" out of "Pearlstone", who was by "Lord Downe's Bang II" out of "Lloyd's Hebe". She was bred by J.R. Turner, of Chicago, who also bred her mother, and probably more field trial winners than any man in America." -- Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and Setter in America

""Jingo" was found to be the successful nick for "Dot's Pearl" and she was bred to him several times with the result that eight out of the ten of her winning progeny were by him. These were as follows: "Lad of Jingo", ten times a winner; "Two Spot", five times a winner; "Dot's Jingo", four times a winner; "Drillmaster", four times a winner; "Dot's Daisy", five times a winner; "Jingo's Boy", three times a winner; "Jingo's Pearl", twice a winner, and "Jingo's Coin", once a winner. As "Jingo" died in June 1899, the opportunity to breed further to him was lost ... and Mr. Turner bred intelligently by following the same blood lines when he sent "Dot's Pearl" to "Mainspring Jr." This dog produced "Spring Dot" who won second in the All-age Members' stake of the Illinois trials in 1904. But blood lines were not followed persistently for "Plain Sam" was tried once -- in the Spring of 1900 -- without bringing satisfactory results, since not a winner came from this union, and in 1904 the popular dog of the hour was given a trial; this was "Alford's John", but here again the nick proved, if not entirely unsuccessful, at least it failed to bring forth the brilliant results that were obtained from the "Jingo" cross. "Young Alford's John" was the result of this mating. He won twice in the Dayton Pointer Club trials, but was not considered of sufficient caliber for the larger trials." -- Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and Setter in America

Dot's Pearl

F.Ch. Rip Rap
(w: 1889)

Rip Rap

Pearl's Dot
(w: 1888)
Trinket's Bang
(w: 1883)

Trinket's Bang

(w: 1878)

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(w: 1879)
Pilkington's Tory
(dark liver/white)
(w: 1874)
Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

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Moore's Mab

(bred by Rev. Holden, pure Edge blood)

Pilkington's Jaunty
(w: 1877)
Sefton's Marquis
Pilkington's Jessie
(bred by Lord Sefton)
(w: 1871)
(w: 1880)
Lord Downe's Bang II
(w: 1874)
(Lord Downe's)
Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

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Garth's Nell
Lloyd's Hebe
(w: 1874)
Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

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Coham's Bang
Price's Vesta

(Lord Sefton's strain)


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