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Ch. Truewithem A Taste of Triumph ("Donna", bitch, liver/white, foundation for "Marjetta")
Ch. Truewithem Abercrombie (dog, liver/white)
Truewithem As Good As Gold (bitch, lemon/white)

"Ch. Truewithem A Taste of Triumph" ("Donna"), is the foundation bitch for Marjorie Martorella and Marjetta Kennels, and was the All Time Top Pointer Dam with 29 champion get, until surpassed by "Ch. Sydmar The Heartless Wench" in 1999. Four of Donna's champions were also Best in Show winners: "Ch. Marjetta Lord Carlton", "Ch. Marjetta Lady Vanessa", "Ch. Marjetta Mylestone" and "Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim" ("Deputy"). ("Deputy" won Westminster Kennel Club show in 1986.) Donna was the Number One Pointer in 1976, and was honored in 1986 and inducted into the American Pointer Club Hall of Fame. -- information courtesy Marjorie Martorella, Marjetta Kennels Website, 2001



  • Ch. Truewithem Majestic Triumph (l/w)

    • Image Ch. Maryjay's Majesty (l/w)

    • Truewithem Patrician (l/w)
      • Ch. Patches of Dolma
        • Ch. Bukany's Buck 'N Wing
        • Bukany's Silk 'N Satin
          • Ch. Elstone Highbrow
          • Ch. Bukany's Peaches 'N Cream
      • Truewithem High As a Kite
        • Ch. Elstone Highbrow
          • Ch. Elstone Stylish Hawk
          • Ch. Grove's Stylish Roxyanna
        • Tryanwin Sally Forth
          • Ch. Silvermine Chocolate Boy
          • Ch. Bryant's Buckeye Claudia

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