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Dilley's Ranger (dog, native stock, heavily marked liver, white, and ticked, w: December, 1872, owned by S.B. Dilley of Lake City, Minnesota, bred by Mr. W.B. Lutz, AKC 1250)

Dilleys Ranger
"Dilleys Ranger"
-- Caption reads: "Liver and White Pointer "Ranger", Owned by S.B. Dilly, Esq., Lake City, Minn.". Image scanned from Scribners, Vol.XIII, No.49, April 1877, "Some American Sporting Dogs".

Dillys Ranger
"Dilley's Ranger"
-- Image scanned from Field Dog Stud Book, Vol.I, 1901.

""1250 Ranger" -- S.B. Dilley, Lake City, Minn. Breeder, W.B. Lutz. Whelped December, 1872; liver and white ticked; by "Gesner's Rake", out of "Lutz's Kate"; she by "Cratt's Dime", out of "Fanny". Prize -- 1st, Chicago, 1876." -- AKC Studbook, Vol.I

"Up in the Northwest a pointer which gained considerable notoriety as a bench show dog and local celebrity as a field performer was "Dilley's Ranger", owned by S.B. Dilley of Lake City, Minnesota. Among his bench show successes was first at Chicago in 1876. He was a heavily marked liver, white and ticked dog. "Dilley's Ranger" was bred to considerably by the pointer fanciers of the West and North, but he did not leave any sons or daughters that made a great impression by their deeds." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

Dilley's Ranger

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