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Dick III (dog, liver/white, w: April 3, 1880, owner Mr. T. Phillips, EKC 11287)

Dick III
"Dick III"
-- "Champion Pointer -- 'Dick III' Property of Thomas Phillips, Esq.".

"This sketch is a very pretty one, as a single glance will prove. "Dick III.," by Mr. Barclay Field's "Dick I." out of Mr. T. Phillip's "Belle" by "Young Bang". Winner of first prize and cup at Margate, 1881; winner of first prize and cup at Alexandra Palace, 1882; winner of second prize and cup at Maidstone, 1883; and second Crystal Palace, 1883. The sketch is a perfect one, and shows all the good points for which he is so noted. He is perfect in the field, is very fast, has a beautiful nose, and very staunch on his game. His temper is good, he is wonderfully sagacious, and a nice companion."

""11287 Dick III" -- Mr. T. Phillips's, West Maling, Kent; whelped April 3rd, 1880. By "Dick" out of "Bell". Maidstone, 2nd; Margate, 1st and cup (puppy class)." -- EKC Studbook, 1882, Vol.IX

""Dick III" has a plain head and shallow feet, good style, nice neck and hindquarters. (via Arkwright)" -- EKC Gazette February 1885

Dick III

("Dick I")
(Barclay Field's)
(w: 1872)
Statter's Major Old Major Antrobus Major Statham's Ross
Antrobus's Moll
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Taylor's Ben
Statter's Lill

(via Hochwalt, 1923, "Lill" was a Sefton-bred bitch on the one side, and on the other got another infusion from "Edge's Beau" and a cross to "Captain Jack White's Don".")
Garth's Mite Derby's Duke Drake
Derby's Daisy Drake
Yarboro's Nell
("Yarborough's Nell")
Statter's Sappho Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

("Sappho I")

(EKC Studbook for "Dick" lists as "My Sappho" ... the pedigree for "Drab" lists as "Sappho I")

Old Major Antrobus's Major
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Sefton's Sappho Sefton's Shot
("Sefton's Spot")
Sefton's Pearl

(NOTE - "Phillip's Belle" from EKC Gazette, December 1885, says sire was "Lowe's Young Bang" ... Hochwalt, both in 1911 and 1923 says "Belle" was the daughter of "Brockton's Bounce" (w: 1861). The following is the pedigree of "Young Bang")
Young Bang
(w: 1874)
Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Coham's Bang
Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Postan's Venus
Price's Vesta Brockton's Bounce
(w: 1861)
Francis' Belle
Davey's Luna Lord Cole's Cole Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Gilbert's Bloomer
Evan's Nell Smith's Major
(w: 1862)

Smiths Major

Smith's Dido
(w: 1859)

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