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Devonshire Wagg (dog, liver/white, w: January 1890, breeder/owner Mr. J.Lee Bulled, EKC 33575)

""33575 Devonshire Wagg" -- Mr. J. Lee Bulled's, Mill House, Witheridge, North Devon; br. owner; wh. January, 1890; c. liver and white. By "Devonshire Jack (26696)" out of "Devonshire Fan (22233)". Agricultural Hall (Cruft's), 2nd; Bath, 1st." -- EKC, 1893, Vol.XX

Devonshire Wagg

Devonshire Jack
(w: 1888)
Devonshire Fan
(w: 1887)
("Bryan's Banker")
(w: 1885)
Village Juno
("The Village Juno")
(w: 1884)

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