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Brown Stout (dog, black/white/ticked, w: February 9, 1884, breeder J.H. Salter (England), imported and owned by F.I. Stone (Tenn.), later owned by W.C. Kennerly, AKC 4034)

""4034 Brown Stout" -- F.I. Stone, Chattanooga, Tenn. Breeder, J.H. Salter, England. Whelped February 9, 1884; black and white ticked; by "Graphic (4067)", out of "Hops (4172)"." -- AKC Studbook, Vol.III

"It is a matter of regret that "Brown Stout" was not bred to more frequently than he was, for in him we have a combination of the two great field trial and bench show strains, since he was by "Graphic" out of "Hops", the latter being the dam of "Rip Rap", by "King of Kent". "Brown Stout" was bred by J.H. Salter and was whelped in February, 1884, consequently "Hops" was still a very young bitch when she was bred to "Graphic". "Brown Stout" was brought over from England and became the propery of F.I. Stone, of Chatanooga, Tenn. He was a large black and white-ticked dog, resembling his dam very closely in markings, but having head and neck that was very much of the "Graphic" type, although he lacked the finish of his sire and as a bench candidate he probably would not have much chance with some of his half-brothers, particularly "Lad of Bow" and "Bracket", yet notwithstanding all this, the blood was there and he could put great finish on his puppies. This I know from personal observation, for we had several of his puppies in our kennels at various times, which we raised to maturity, and which were good enough to win on the bench anywhere."

"His dam, "Hops", was a very plain, not to say homely, bitch, but she had the blood lines and the prepotency to produce field trial quality and this is what the pointer needed at that particular times. She was a blue ticked bitch, spotted very much like a piece of well used blotting paper and from her "Brown Stout" inherited his markings. The breeding of "Hops" is what is known as the celebrated "Mike-Romp" combination; she being by "Salter's Champion Mike" out of "Salter's Romp", the latter by "Chang" out of "Brockenbury's Romp". "Mike" was by "Price's Bang" out of "Miller's Sella"."

""Brown Stout", through an unfortunate accident became lame early in life and for this reason he did not make a record himself. He was bred to very little, notwithstanding his excellent blood lines, and he, like many other good pointers, passed away before his real quality became known. Despite his few opportunities, however, he sired "Mame S", who won second to "Lad of Rush" in the Pointer Derby of the U.S. Field Trial Club, at Elizabethtown, Ky., in November 1892. "Mame S." was out of "Pearl's Pride", who was by "Luck of the Goat" out of "Pearlstone" and was bred by P.H. O'Bannon, of Blue Ridge Kennel fame."

""Brown Stout" became the property of the late W.C. Kennerly (Old Dominion) of White Post, Va., in 1889 or 1890 and was used by him quite extensively, but the puppies of his breeding went to shooting dog men and few, if any, were developed with any idea of starting them in field trials."

"There is still some of htis blood to be found, hwever, and those who have it in their kennels, value it very highly."

--Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and Setter in America

Brown Stout

Ch. Graphic
(w: 1881)


(w: 1881)
Salter's Mike
(w: 1873)

Salter's Mike

Salter's Romp
(black/white, "mottled")

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