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Brockton's Bounce (dog, liver/white, w: 1861, over 60lbs, breeder Mr. S. Hole, owner Mr. Brockton, EKC 768)

""768 Bounce" -- Mr. Brockton's, Farndon, near Newark (over 60lbs); breeder, the late Mr. S. Hole; born, 1861; colour, liver and white. Pedigree: By the "Duke of Newcastle's Bounce" out of "Juno" (not "Sir H. Goodrick's Fan", as stated in some catalogues). Chief Performances: Dog Shows, Ashburnham Hall, Cremorne, 2nd prize, 1864; Islington, Agricultural Hall, 1st prize, Champion Class, 1865; Manchester, Belle Vue, 1st prize, 1865; Nottingham, 1st prize, 1864 (and other prizes at local shows); Champion Prize at Islington, 1865, coupled with the Field Trials at Southill." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""Brockton's Bounce" was a magnificent dog, and he was the first pointer that ever won a field trial in England." -- EKC, September 1881

""Brockton's Bounce" was a magnificent dog, a winner on the show bench, and of the first Field Trial in England. "Newton's Ranger" was another of the early performers, and he was very staunch and brilliant, but it was in the next five years that the most extraordinary Pointer merit was seen, as quite incomparable was "Sir Richard Garth's Drake", who was just five generations from the Spanish Pointer." -- Robert Leighton, 1910, Dogs and All About Them


Brockton's Bounce

Duke of Newcastle's Bounce dog owned by the Duke of Portland dog purchased by the Duke of Portland from the sale of Mr. Thomas Edge's pointers
(assume Edge of Strelly line)

Sons and Daughters

  • Chang (dog, black/white, Brockton's Bounce x Francis' Belle)
  • Price's Vesta (bitch, Brockton's Bounce x Francis' Belle)
  • Random (dog, Brockton's Bounce x Francis' Belle)
  • Sancho (dog, Brockton's Bounce x Francis' Belle)

Some GrandKids

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