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Bird's Bob (dog, lemon/white, w: 1860, breeder Mr. J. Lang, owner Mr. J. Bird (once shown by Mr. Gilbert), EKC 756, EKC 757)
Venus (bitch, behind "Price's Judy")

""756 Bob" -- Mr. J. Bird's, London (once shown by Mr. Gilbert of 22, Upper Phillimore-place, Kensington); breeder, Mr. J. Lang, of Cockspur-street, London; born 1860. Pedigree: By "Mr. Battcock's Joker" (by "Lord Derby's Rap" out of "Fan" [see note below]) out of "Mr. Lang's Fan"; "Fan" was by "Lang's Frank" out of "Tom Taylor's Bell"; "Frank" by Lang's celebrated "Flint I" out of "Colonel Moore's Doll"; "Bell" by "Lord Ducie's Duncan" out of "Sir Massey Stanley's Bloom"; "Flint" by "Seal's Nero" out of "Mr. Smith's, of Knottingley, Nell"; "Nell" was by a lemon and white dog of Sir H. Gooderick's out of "Edge's Bell". ("Bob" is own brother to "Venus" and sire of "Whitehouse's Hamlet", and other prize-winners of Mr. WHitehouse's kennel). Chief Performance: Ashburnham Hall, Cremorne, 1st prize, 1863; Birmingham, 1st prize, 1860. -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

""757 Bob" -- Mr. Gilbert's (see "Bird's Bob, No. 756")." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

"Battock's (Battcock's) Joker":

EKC entry for "Bird's Bob 756" lists "Battcock's Joker's" dam as "Fan"


EKC entry for "Smith's Major 904" and "Hamlet 876" gives "Battcock Joker's" dam as "Bell" ...

AKC studbook entries list "Battock Joker's" dam as "Belle" or "Bell" ...

""Mr. Bird's Bob" was a dog very wide across the nose: I dare say you have noticed that most dogs with a broad nose carry their heads high." -- Arkwright, 1906

"Contemporary with the Antrobus, Edge, Sefton, and Moore of Appleby strains, of which "Brockton's Bounce" and "Statter's Major" were the leading lights, there existed a breed of lemon and whites which had a small, but enthusiastic following. Chief among these was H. Gilbert, who owned two dogs called "Bob" and "Major". Lemon and whites, before the era of field trials and dog shows, were not generally popular, but with the advent of public competitions the Gilbert dogs and a few other became better known and steadily rose in popular favor, for they exemplified the handsome, lithe, clean-cut type of pointer which proved to be very attractive when shown beside the "Bounce" and "Major" varieties. In the field these lemon and whites demonstrated that they had speed, style and endurance far in excess of the liver and whites and once they came before the public, it was not long until others took them up. "Gilbert's Bob" became the property of Mr. Bird, who exhibited him at the second show of the Birmingham Kennel Club which was held in 1860. At this event "Bob" took first prize and among those who were attracted toward him was J.W. Whitehouse, of Ipsley Court, Redditch, who owned a bitch which he called "Juno". This bitch won fifth place at this show, and it was then that Mr. Whitehouse made arrangements to breed "Juno" to "Bob". The result of this mating produced eight puppies, of which Mr. Whitehouse retained three for himself. Theses were "Hamlet, Carlo, and Mona"." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

""Bob ... was bred by J. Lang, the famous gun-maker of Cockspur street, London, who was noted, in his day, for breeding high-class pointers, a calling which seemd to go hand-in-hand with gun-making those days. "Bob's" pedigree goes back to all the best old blood ..." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

Bird's Bob --- Venus

Battock's Joker
("Battcock's Joker")

(Leatherhead, EKC March 1885, was not able to find out the color of Joker)

NOTE -- see pedigree differences above

Lord Derby's Rap
Lord Derby's bitch    
Lang's Fan
(w: 1855)

(Leatherhead, EKC March 1885, presumes lemon/white, and that was the preferred color of Lang dogs)

Lang's Frank Flint I
("Lang's Flint")
Seal's Nero  
Smith's Nell
(Smith of Knottingley)
lemon/white dog of Sir H. Gooderick
Edge's Bell
Col. Moore's Doll    
Tom Taylor's Bell Lord Ducie's Duncan    
Sir Massey Stanley's Bloom    
Moore's Bloom  

Sons and Daughters

Some GrandKids

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