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Beppo III (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: May 26, 1884, breeder Sam Price (England), owner The Graphic Kennels (USA), imported May 1886, AKC 7832, EKC 22177)

Beppo III
"Beppo III"
-- Image scanned from Bench Show and Field Trial Records and Standards of Dogs in America, 1874-1891 by Maj. J.M. Taylor, 1892.

""7832 Beppo III" -- The Graphic Kennels, Netherwood, N.J. Breeder, Sam Price, Bow, North Devon, Eng. Whelped May 26, 1884; liver, white, and ticked; Registered in E.K.C.S.B.; imported May, 1886; by "Sir T. Lennard's Priam (E.8124)", out of "Champion Meally (4201)"; "Priam", by "Lowe's Young Bang (E.4994)", out of "Teal (E.7139)" [see notes below], by "Downe's Mars", out of "Lort's Lill"; "Young Bang", by "Champion Bang", out of "Davey's Luna". Bench Shows: V.H.C., Crystal Palace, 1886; 3d and one of best kennel, Boston, 1887." -- AKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.V

NOTE: EKC entry for 7139 lists as "Zeal", liver/white, w: 1876, breeder Mr. S. Price, by "Bang" out of "Belle"

""22177 Beppo III" -- The Graphic Kennels, Netherwood N.J., U.S. America (late Mr. Sam Price's); breeder, late owner; date of birth, May 26th, 1884; colour, liver and white ticked. By "Priam (8124)" out of "Meally (14074)"." -- EKC Studbook, 1886, Vol.XIX

""Meally" was a lightweight bitch, also bred by Mr. Price of Devon. In color she was white, liver and ticked, and was whelped July 12, 1881. ... Before coming to America "Meally" was bred to "Priam" and produced "Beppo III", one of the stud dogs imported by the Graphic Kennels." -- Hochwalt, 1923

"First among his sons ("Price's Bang"'s sons) is "Young Bang", a dog which became the sire of a number of good pointers that never left England. The two sons which are held in great reverence here in this country are "Croxteth" and "Priam". The former came to the United States among the earlier importations and at once began to attract attention as a performer and a sire. "Croxteth" may rightly be called the founder of the first important field trial family here in America, for through him came many of the winners, as well as the sires and dams of winners. "Priam" never came to the United States, but he sired a number of dogs which proved to be productive and among his sons two stand out very porominently. These were "King of Kent" and "Beppo III", both brought to America during the eighties. "King of Kent" created practically a new era in field trials, as well as bench shows, for among the field winners that he sired were "Rip Rap", "Maid of Kent", "Zig Zag", "Tapster", "Hal Pointer", "Kent Elgin", "Tick Boy", and other of lesser note, not to say anything of his many daughters which were winners as well as producers." "Beppo III", although bred exactly like "King of Kent", being by the same sire and out of a full sister to the dam of "King of Kent", did not establish a great field trial family, but his sons and duaghters were a great influence in various ways and many winners on the bench came through this line of breeding, in addition to the progeny which won in the field." -- A.F. Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

"At the same time that the Graphic Kennels purchased the draft of pointers in which were "Lad of Bow", "Lass of Bow", "Bracket" and the others ... they acquired "Beppo III", a dog of an entirely different line of breeding, for he was by "Priam" out of "Meally", the latter a sister of "Kent Baby", the dam of "King of Kent", both being by "Statter's Pax" ("Faust" x "Statter's Patch"), out of "Climax" ("Price's Bang" x "Juno"). We do not believe they appreciated this dog at his true valuation, however, for beside the flashier "Graphics" he was indeed a rather plain looking animal; and just why they purchased him is not quite clear, unless it was because they bought his dam. "Beppo III" was accordingly not only undervalued by the kennel which owned him, but by the public as well. Place him beside "Graphic", "Lad of Bow" and "Bracket" and the general observer would quickly pass "Beppo III" by, but turn the quartette afield and he showed his superiority in action at once, for he was fast, smooth, wide and indefatigable. However, with all that field quality, his owners as well as the public seemed to ignore him. When his full brother in blood "King of Kent", was imported by the far-seeing Edward Dexter and promptly began siring field trial winners, then "Beppo III", which was identical in blood lines and really a better field dog, began to be appreciated, but by this time "King of Kent" had the vogue and the opportunity was lost. Dr. J.R. Daniels, of Cleveland, bought the dog late in life and bred to him extensively and "Beppo" obtained a fair measure of success as a sire, but not anything like what should have been his due. It was simply a case of a great possibility being allowed to go by until too late. "Beppo III" was whelped May 24, 1884, and was bred by Sam Price, of Devon, England. He made no field trial record here because he was not given the opportunity, but with only a limited chance in the stud he sired four field trial winners and a number of bench show dogs, among them being "Tempest" and "Tribulation", already referred to as champions on the bench, field trial winners and sires of winners." -- Hochwalt, 1923

Beppo III

(liver/white, partly ticked)
(w: 1877)
Lowe's Young Bang
(w: 1874)
Teal Lord Downe's Mars
(w: 1869)
Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Garth's Rap
Garth's Doll
("Doll I")
(w: 1864)
Garth's Mite Derby's Duke
Derby's Daisy
Lort's Lill
Holford's Bang
(w: 1865)
Lord Lichfield's Mars
(w: 1860)
(commonly known as "Young Mars")
Antrobus's Jessie
("Antrobus's Jesse")
Lort's Fairy Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

a Kendrick bitch, who was also "Sal's" dam
Ch. Meally
(w: 1881)
Statter's Pax Faust
(w: 1875)
Sefton's Sam Statter's Major
Sefton's Drab
Pilkington's Nell Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Sturgeon's Moll
Statter's Patch Duke of Portland's Pack  
Statter's Sappho Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

("Sappho I")
Price's Climax
(w: 1879)

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