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Beaufort (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: May 1879, breeder Prof. W.W. Legare, owner Mr. G.H. Nixon, AKC 2843)
Bellona (bitch, lemon/white/ticked, w: May 1, 1879, breeder/owner Mr. W.W. Legare, AKC 2987)

Caption reads: "Beaufort (A.K.R. 694). The property of Mr. Charles H. Mason."
-- Image from American Kennel Register, New York, February, 1885.

""2843 Beaufort" -- Mr. G.H. Nixon, Leesburg, Va. Breeder, Prof. W.W. Legare, Walhalla, S.C. Whelped May, 1879; liver and white ticked; by "Bow (2853)" out of "Beulah (1286)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1885, Vol.II

""2987 Bellona" -- Prof. W.W. Legare, Walhalla, S.C. Breeder, owner. Whelped May 1, 1879; lemon and white ticked; by "Bow (2853)", out of "Beulah (1286)". Bench Shows: -- 1st Atlanta, 1881; 2d New York, 1882." -- AKC Studbook, 1885, Vol.II

"Beaufort (A.K.R. 694).
Few dogs have attained the notoriety attached to Mr. Mason's Beaufort, his success on the bench together with the controversy which followed the New York show of last May bringing him prominently before the public. Our opinion of this dog is well known to a very large circle of acquaintances, and it has not been our custom to say one thing in private while making another opinion public. We were present when Mr. Mason judged this dog at Washington in 1883, and with that gentleman we agreed in saying he was the best pointer on the American show bench. At New Haven last year we had the pleasure of awarding him first and three specials, for the best large pointer, for the best pointer, and for the best sporting dog in the show. At the Philadelphia State Fair show, last September, Mr. Coster gave him first and the special for the best large pointer, and next month at the Breeders' show he won champion honors and divided the two specials given for the best pointer in the show, Mr. John Davidson declining to separate Rue and Beaufort. His only deefeat was at New York, under Mr. Sterling, a decision, we need hardly say, which we cannot indorse. During our recent visit to England we saw Graphic, admittedly the best pointer in England, and although he beats Beaufort in hind legs, the latter we consider to be his equal or superior in every other point, and decidedly superior in head. Mr. Mason says the only pointer he has known which he considers as having been of equal merit as Old Wag, a dog we cannot recall to our memory sufficiently well to express an opinion upon." -- American Kennel Register, New York, February 1885

"At the New York show following "Meteor's" importation (1881), E.C. Sterling was the judge of pointers, and the Western dog was brought East to break lances with the invincibles of that section. The dog appeared in the champion class, and among others were "Beaufort", the son of "Bow" and "Beulah", and "Croxteth", the son of "Price's Bang" and "Jane". The judge awarded the blue to "Meteor", and naturally the western contingent went into ecstacies, but the decision occasioned endless controversy. Eastern fanciers came out in the kennel-press with challenges, but these three dogs never met again. Eastern critics seemed to be unanimous in their opinion the "Beaufort" should have been first, "Croxteth" second, and "Meteor" third." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

" "Bow" was unquestionably the best of any of the importations up to this time, and being a son of "Bang", his services were sought after. He sired the well-known bench winner "Beaufort", when bred to the native "Beulah", and "Beaufort" was considered one of the handsomest pointers in his day. He also sired "King Bow" and the field trial winner "Psyche". There were other of his daughters which also became producers of field trial and bench show winners." -- Hochwalt, 1923


(w: 1874)


Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Davey's Luna Lord Cole's Cole Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Battock's Joker
("Battcock's Joker")
Lang's Fan
(w: 1855)
Gilbert's Bloomer  
Evan's Nell Smith's Major
(w: 1862)

Smiths Major

Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Gilbert's Bloomer
Smith's Dido
(w: 1859)
Lord Falkland's Bryon
("Wise's Beulah")
(w: 1876)
Steele's Flake
(w: 1874)
Strachan's Flash
(w: 1872)
("Sir Frederick Bruce's")
(w: 1865)

(imported 1867, "pedigree not reported" ... owner in Burges: Dr. Strachan)


(black, with white on chest)
(w: 1867)

(Burges lists her as black/white however graphic in Burges and in Hochwalt, 1911, shows her to be solid black with white on chest)

(imported by Captain Grafton ... owner in Burges: Dr. Strachan ... owner in AKC "Strachan's Flake" pedigree: General Webb)


Schieffelin's Juno

(imported from the Marquis of Westminster's kennels)

Marquis of Westminster's Ponto
("Duke of Westminster's Ponto")
(w: 1872)
Ponto II
(w: 1869)
Brailsford's Juno
("Lilly", "Lillie")
(w: 1873)

(NOTE - Discrepany in "Lily's" pedigree, see "Beulah's" page for more information

Lancaster's Sam Wm. Z. White's dog  
Col. Morgan's bitch  
Gibson's Lily Morgan  

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