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Ch. Baron Faskally (dog, liver/white, w: January 25, 1901, breeder/owner A.E. Butter (England), owner Geo. Bleistein (USA), Am.Ch. 1906, EKC 560G, AKC 98603)

""560G Baron Faskally" -- A.E. Buller; br. owner; wh. 25 Jan. 01; s. "FCh. Faskally Bragg, Ch. (545D)", d. "Nellie Faskally (unr.)"; c. liver and white." -- EKC Studbook, 1902, Vol.XXX

""98603 Baron Faskally" -- Geo. Bleistein, Buffalo, N.Y. Breeder, A.E. Butler, England. Whelped 1901; color not given. By "Bragg Faskally", out of "Faskally Nellie", by "Fred", out of "Nellie", by "Victor", out of "Nell"; "Fred" by "Bragg", out of "Forest Sappo"; "Bragg Faskally" by "Rock Stockhill", out of "Fleece of Bromfield", by "Devonshire Prime", out of "Dora"; "Rock Stockhill" by "Masher Friar", out of "Julia of Upton"." -- AKC Studbook, 1906, Vol.XXIII

"The success of "Mark's Rush" on the bench inspired Mr. Bleistein to branch out farther and he soon acquired a kennel of pointers that could not be beaten on the bench by anybody, but it must be remembered these were all purchases and we do not believe up to this time that he has bred one that could hold its own with the really good ones. Among the earlier dogs which Mr. Bleistein acquired were "Baron Faskally", "Thelbridge Boy", both importations and the two American-bred dogs, "Lansdowne Arizona" and "Lansdowne Montana", both of which were very successful. Among the bitches were "Beatrice", "Halberton Judith", "Lansdowne Sensation", and "Coronation". These were all importations, but with the exception of "Coronation" we could not see any extraordinary merit in any of them. "Coronation" came to this country as the greatest England ever produced, and with such a reputation it was natural that she attracted a great amount of attention. She is a very smoothly made one, not just right in expression, but very clean in shoulders, legs and chest and remarkably well made in loin quarters and stifles. A year later her daughter, "Mallwyd Glory" was brought over and she, in our opinion, was more of a pointer than "Coronation", being better in head and having a more useful appearance." -- Hochwalt, 1911

Ch. Baron Faskally

F.Ch. Faskally Bragg
("Faskally Brag")
("Bragg Faskally")
(w: 1898)

Faskally Bragg

Rock of Stockhill
(w: 1897)
Masher Friar Friar Sambo Kent Bang
(w: 1888)
Rose Friar
Jenny Friar Ch. Saddleback
(w: 1886)


Molton Broom
(w: 1883)
Julia of Upton Senor Don Pedro
(w: 1890)
(w: 1889)
Pilkington's Gough
(w: 1884)
(w: 1884)
Fleece of Bromfield
(w: 1895)
Faskally Nellie
("Nellie Faskally")
(w: 1897)
Fred Bragg    
Forest Sappho
(w: 1887)
(Rev. Shield's)
(w: 1884)
(Rev. Shield's)
(w: 1879)
Ch. Glee
(w: 1881)
Forest Queen II
(w: 1883)
Duke III
Pollock's Duchess
Nellie Victor    

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