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Barclay Field's Dick ("Dick I") (dog, w: April 1, 1872, breeder Mr. Thomas Statter, owner Mr. Barclay Field, EKC 807, EKC 810)
Statter's Dan
Statter's Drab (bitch, breeder/owner Mr. Thomas Statter, EKC 1122)

""807 Dick" -- Mr. Barclay Field's, 25, Mark-lane, E.C.; breeder, Mr. Thomas Statter, Stand Hill, Manchester; born April 1, 1872. Pedigree: By "Statter's Major" out of his "Sappho". Chief Performance: Field Trials, Bala, 1873, divided 1st and 2nd prizes in the Puppy Stakes (on grouse); Ipswich, 1873, won the Pointer Puppy Stakes (on partridges); Shrewsbury, 1873, in the Pointer Braces, but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""810 Dick" -- Mr. Thomas Statter's (see Barclay Field's Dick)." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""1122 Drab" -- Mr. Thomas Statter's, Stand-hill, Manchester; breeder, owner. Pedigree: By "Statter's Major (No.905)" out of "his Sappho", by "Garth's Drake (no.842)" out of "Sappho I", by "Old Major" (see sire of "Statter's Major (no.905)" out of "Lord Sefton's Sappho", by "Lord Sefton's Spot" out of "his Pearl", by "Lord Sefton's Beau" out of "Capt. White's sister to Monarch", "Beau" by "Topaz" out of "Riot", by "Taylor's Dash"; "Topaz" by "Sir F. Gooderick's Grouse" out of "Beale's Jewel", by the "Marquis of Waterford's Jurat" out of "Colin's Jewel"; "Spot" by "Bang" out of "Jessie, &c. (see pedigree of "Field's Dick, No.807". Chief Performance: Field Trials, Shrewsbury, 1873, entered in the County Sakes for all-aged pointer bitches, but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

"The late Mr. Tom Statter, of Stand Hill, brought out some capital Pointers of the Lord Derby and Sefton strains. He ran "Major" in the early field trials, and a very grand liver and white dog he was, by "Old Major" out of "Garth's Mite", the grand dam of Drake; and so when Mr. Statter bred "Major" to "Sappho" by "Drake" he was inbreeding to a sort, and the result was "Dick", a beautiful dog that he ran in trials, and afterwards sold to Mr. Barclay Field for 60pounds. The last-named gentleman also ran him in trials, and probably few more brilliant Pointers ever ranged on a moor than Dick." -- Lowe, 1907, The New Book of the Dog

Barclay Field's Dick (Dick I)

Statter's Major Old Major Antrobus Major Staham's Ross Edge's Beau
Antrobus's Moll Daintry's Don
Antrobus Peg
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Taylor's Ben Taylor's Bob
Taylor's Dora
Statter's Lill Sefton's Beau
Statter's Belle
Garth's Mite Derby's Duke Drake
(Lord Derby's)
Walker's Bang
Mundley's Moll
Duchess Legh's Mars
Mexbro's Mab
("Mexborough's Mab")
Derby's Daisy Drake
(Lord Derby's)
Walker's Bang
Mundley's Moll
Yarboro's Nell
("Yarborough's Nell")
Statter's Sappho Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

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("Sappho I")

(EKC Studbook for pedigree chart for "Dick" lists this bitch as "My Sappho" ... the pedigree entry for "Drab" lists her as "Sappho I")

Old Major Antrobus' Major Statham's Ross
Antrobus's Moll
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Taylor's Ben
Statter's Lil
Sefton's Sappho Sefton's Shot
("Sefton's Spot")
Statter's Bang
(Beale's, Statham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Sefton's Jessie

(sister to "Beau")

Sefton's Pearl Sefton's Beau
Capt. White's sister to "Monarch"

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