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Banjo O'Gymru (dog, black/white, w: 1885, breeder Capt. R. Conway, owner Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, EKC 40351)

""40351 Banjo O'Gymru" -- Sir Watkin Williams Wynn's, Wynstay Rhuabon; br. Capt. R. Conway; wh. 1885; c. black and white. By late owner's "Banjo" out of owner's "Blair Banjo", by "Ben" out of "Riot". -- EKC Studbook, 1895, Vol.XXIII

"The best known of the old welsh breeds was the Wynnstay, Sir Watkin Wynn's; but for many years the breeding and management of the pointers was left in the hands of a trusted keeper, Mr. W. Leighton, who in 1895 wrote to me that, 'at the time I left Wynnstay and sold part of the kennels to the present Sir Watkin, I destroyed all my pedigree books, &c.' Sir Watkin had till quite recently a beautiful dog of the old Wynnstay blood, called "Banjo O'Gymru", and still possesses his descendants. Indeed, as far as I now, he is the only man in England or Wales who can boast pointer blood that has been in the family for fifty years!" -- Arkwright, 1906

Banjo O'Gymru

(Capt. Conroy's)
Blair Banjo
(Sir W.W. Wynn's)

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