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Don Jose (dog, W; June 16, 1878, breeder Col. S.W. Welfit, owner Mr. W. Arkwright, EKC 9019)

""9019 Don Jose" -- Mr. W. Arkwright's, Sutton Scarsdale, Chesterfiedl; breeder, Col. S.W. Welfit; whelped June 16th, 1878. Pedigree: By "Joker" out of "Jane", by "General (4970)"; "Joker" by "Don (811)". Darlington, 1st; Alexandra Palace, 3rd." -- EKC Studbook, 1879, Vol.VII

"Again, that well-known sportsman, Colonel Welfitt, who owned both foxhounds and pointers, told me that he had put his pointer bitches to a foxhound, and while showing me the offspring remarked that they were 'handsome but very headstrong.' He bred these with two of my mother's pointers, "Don (811)" and "General (4970)", of Mr. Whitehouse's strain, and finally he presented us with a puppy, "Don Jose (9019)". This was a handsome sort of dog, and won several prizes, but he was impossible to break properly, and his puppies out of six of our bitches were not much better." -- Arkwright, 1906, p.155

Don Jose

Joker Don
(EKC 811)
(formerly called "Knockdown")
(w: 1870)
Whitehouse's Rap
(w: 1865)
Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Whitehouse's Juno
(w: 1858)
Lort's Sal
(w: 1863)
Powis's Romp
(w: 1855)

(by a dog of Mr. Edge's blood)

Mr. Kendrick's bitch
Price's Judy    
Mr. Welffit's foxhound/pointer cross Mr. Welffit's foxhound    
a pointer bith of Mr. Welfitt's    
Jane General
(EKC 4970)
(w: 1874)
General Prim
(w: 1868)
Holford's Bang
(w: 1865)
Lord Lichfield's Mars
(w: 1860)
(commonly known as "Young Mars")
Antorbus's Jessie
(Antrobus's Jesse)
Lort's Fairy Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Mr. Kendrick's bitch, same as dam of Sal
(w: 1872)
Don Whitehouse's Rap
(w: 1865)

(bred by Sir St. George Gore)

Mr. Welfitt's foxhound/pointer cross Mr. Welfitt's foxhound    
a pointer bitch of Mr. Welfitt's    

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