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Barmaid (bitch, black/white, w: April 9, 1893, breeder/owner Wm. Arkwright, EKC 753A)

[for Barmaid AKC 21252 click here]

"William Arkwright also had a handsome black and white bitch called "Barmaid" who took the highest honors at the Kennel Club show and at Birmingham in 1896, winning the championship on the one occasion and nearly doing the same at the other." -- Edmonson & Robershaw, 1978

"Mr. Arkwright had a solid black dog "Tap" who from commencing in 1892 as a puppy ran every year with success until 1896 when he almost won the principal stake at the International Field Trials held at Bala, North Walkes. He was guilty of making one mistake right at the end when a young grouse, a "chiper", fluttered up right under his nose, which was too much for him and he gave the little bird a nip. A Black and white bitch named "Barmaid" took the highest honours at the Kennel Club Show at Birmingham, winning the championship on one occasion and coming close to doing the same on the next occasion. Others amongst Arkwright's Pointers included "Ch. Seabreeze", "Ch. Sandbank", "Shamrock", "Laird", "Soloman's Seal" and "Sealing Wax", but these dogs did not seem to feature much in later pedigrees." -- Robertshaw, 2000


(black, white on chest)
(w: 1891)
Rap VI
(w: 1885)

(via Arkwright, 1906, "a very purely-bred black pointer")

unknown dog    
Usher's Ruby    
Sella Price
(w: 1887)
Barton Don
(Cornish Don)
(Don of Cornwall)
(w: 1884)
Ch. Graphic
(w: 1881)
Leach's Bonus Sancho
Fursdon Juno
(w: 1877)
Maud S Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Coryton's Juno
Sella II
(w: 1878)
Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Coham's Bang
Price's Vesta
Miller's Sella
(w: 1868)
Stevenson's Carlo
Miller's Sappho
(w: 1890)
Aldin Fluke
(w: 1889)

Aldin Fluke

Aldin Minnie
(w: 1888)
Don IX
(w: 1881)
Watson's Shot  
Thornton's Meg  
Aldin Rose II Burdon's Sam  

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