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Amine (bitch, lemon/white, w: July 27, 1883, breeder John S. Wise, owner Dr. A.G. Taylor, seen in "Wise Croxteth 21289" pedigree as "Annie", AKC 4128)
Richmond (dog, lemon/white, owner Jno. E. Gill, sire of "Boodle" behind "Ghay Estill")

""4128 Amine" -- Dr. A.G. Taylor, Chula, Va. Breeder, John S. Wise, Richmond, Va. Whelped July 27, 1883; lemon and white; by "Vandevort's Don (2878)", out of "Beulah (1286)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1886, Vol.III

via Taylor, 1907
"Richmond", pointer, lemon/white, owner John E. Gill, handler H.M. Short, sire "Vandevort's Don", dam "Beulah", Divided Third, All-Age Stake, Western Field Trial Association, November 9, 1885; Divided Third, All-Age Stake, National American Kennel Club, December 13, 1886; Handler, D.E. Rose, First, Free For All Stake, Tennessee Sportsmen's Assocation, February 15-17, 1887." -- Taylor, 1907, Field Trial Record of Dogs in America

AKC: "Wise Croxteth" -- seen as "Annie":
""21389 Wise Croxteth" -- H.C. Shannon, Goldsboro, N.C. Breeder, Hon. John S. Wise, New York. Whelped May 8, 1886; liver and white; by "Croxteth (2871)", out of "Annie (4128)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1891, Vol.VIII

""Vandevort's Don" was by "Price's Bang", out of "Letheridge's Peg", by "Garth's Drake", out of "Sal", hence he was a Bang-Drake very close to its source. Unfortunately the public did not take to the dog and he was bred to very little, thus one of the best dogs that came to this country at that period was passed by in ingorance. The total number of field trial winners that he sired amounts to four, which is the same as "Bang-Bang's", with all hif opportunities. His daughter "Amine", out of "Beulah", carried on his blood when bred to "Croxteth" by producing three winners ... The four winners of "Vandevort's Don" were: "Richmond", placed three times; "Drab", placed one time; "Don's Dot", placed one time, and "Force", placed one time." -- Hochwalt, 1923

""to "Amine", a bitch by "Vandevort's Don", a son of "Price's Bang", "Croxteth" produced "Ossian", "Wise Croxteth", and "Lady Zeal", all winners, but "Ossian" was the most prominent of the trio and also became the sire of winners." -- Hochwalt, 1923

Amine - Richmond

Vandevort's Don
(w: 1879)

Vandevort's Don

("Wise's Beulah")
(w: 1876)

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