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Ch. Aldin Fluke (dog, lemon/white, w: March 9, 1889, breeder Mr. C. Drury, owner Mr. W. Arkwright, EKC 31035)
Ch. Belle Chance (bitch, pale lemon/white, w: March 9, 1889, breeder Mr. C. Drury, owner Mr. W. Arkwright, EKC 28796)

Ch. Aldin Fluke, oil by George Earl, dated 1897, scanned from Arkwright, 1906
"Ch. Aldin Fluke"
"From an oil painting, dated 1897, by George Earl, It was reproduced on October 22, 1899, in Land and Water, with the following description appended: ----- "The lemon-and-white dog, on game in the foreground, is champion "Aldin Fluke", the winner of two prizes at trials, although he ran only on three occasions: he has also obtained the highest honours on the showbench. He is in appearance a great slashing dog, without a suspicion of lumber, although he measures twenty-seven inches at the shoulders and weighs sixty-seven pounds. His long sickled stifles, his fine wiry pasterns, his tapering prehensile toes, guarantee his faculty of traversing the roughest ground with speed and safety, while his shoulders, heart-room, loin, and muscle, ensure his extraordinary powers of endurance. His head is very pointer-like, without any appearance of the hound in it: the eyes are large and round; the skull well developed, with pronounced 'stop;' the muzzle squarely finished, slightly inclined upwards, and furnished with wide nostrils; and the ears, full of quality, placed high on the head. Nor does he belie his appearance, for in sagacity and keenness of nose he has few equals, while his long, easy stride is practically untiring; and he is still, though in his tenth year, a prime favourite of his master. He is a litter-brother of champion "Belle Chance", a bitch similar in colour, and relatively of equal beauty." Image scanned from Arkwright, 1906, The Pointer and His Predecessors, Plate XIX

""31035 Aldin Fluke" --- Mr. W. Arkwright's, Sutton Scarsdale, Chessterfield,; breeder, Mr. C. Drury; date of birth, March 9, 1889; colour, lemon and white. By "Fluke (13758)" out of "Aldin Bell (17795)". Crystal Palace, 2nd." -- EKC Studbook, 1891, Vol.XIX

"The lemon and white "Aldin Fluke" KCSB 31035 out of the Rev. Shield's Kennel" ... ""Aldin Fluke" was a son of "Fluke" out of the lemon and white "Aldin Bell" KCSB 17795, and "Fluke" was a son of "Faust" out of "Bell", both go back to "Ch. Bang" and the fountainheads of the Pointer, to "Bounce", "Hamlet", "Drake", and "Major". "Aldin Bell" was later exported to Russia and her name figures in the pedigrees of my own strain. -- H. Marr, p.13

Ch. Aldin Fluke - Ch. Belle Chance

(Rev. Shield's
(w: 1879)
(w: 1875)
Shield's Belle
(w: 1876)
Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

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Belle Shield's Duke
(w: 1866)
Mr. Holder's Romp
Mr. J. Princep's Juno
Arrowsmiths' Nell Sir Wm. Galway's Don
Mr. Allison's Bloss
Aldin Belle
(Aldin Bell)
(w: 1884)
Eldon Don
(w: 1882)
Drury's Roy Ferry Hill Bob
(Ferryhill Bob)
Kidd's Juno Radborn's Ben
Steadman's Juno
(Cockrell's Juno)
(owner Mr. Lee)
(breeder Dr. Peatland)
(w: 1874)
Taylor's Carlo
Dr. Peatland's bitch
Lord Boyne's Juno  
Drury's Juno Aldin Grange Roy
(Mr. Drury's)
(w: 1880)

(NOTE -- EKC Gazette April 1883 lists Aldin Grange Roy's sire as Mr. Daker's Don x Mr. Kidd's Juno ... however EKC Studbook 1885, Aldin Rap and Aldin Bell entries, list Aldin Grange Roy's sire as Ferry Hill Bob and no dam named)

Daker's Don
Ferry Hill Bob
Kidd's Juno Radborn's Ben
Sefton's Duchess
Kidd's Juno Radborn's Ben  
Sefton's Duchess Sefton's Mat
Harcourt's bitch

Some Kids and GrandKids

  • Bravo of Antwerp (Arkwright's, (Brodick Castle Sandy (w: 1888) x Ch. Belle Chance))

  • Devonshire Rose (bitch, (Banjo O'Gymru x Ch. Belle Chance))
    • Rill O'Gyrmu (Arkwright's Live Coal x Devonshire Rose)
    • Sea Urchin (Arkwright's Sea Urchin, (Arkwright's Sea Shore x Devonshire Rose))

  • First Fiddle (bitch, (Banjo O'Gymru x Ch. Belle Chance))
    • Largo (dog, behind Hove Tap, St. Cecilia, (Forbes Lorne (black) x First Fiddle))
    • Lay (bitch, w: February 25, 1901, (Forbes Lorne (black) x First Fiddle))
    • Leader (bitch, black, w: February 23, 1902, KCSB 1719 L, (Forbes Lorne (black) x First Fiddle))
    • Litany (bitch, behind Scarsdale Serenade, (Forbes Lorne (black) x First Fiddle))
    • Diarmid(dog, black, w: 1902, Imp UK to Finland, 1905, FKSB 975 V, (Forbes Lorne (black) x First Fiddle))

  • Live Coal (dog, w: July 11, 1891,(Rap VI (w: 1895) x Ch. Belle Chance))

  • Mosque (bitch, (Seashore x Ch. Belle Chance))
    • Lawn Sleeves ("Lawn Sleeves Eidsvold", dog, black, w: March 22, 1901, Imp UK to Sweden, SKKS 1905 N, (Forbes Lorne (black) x Mosque))

Aldin Fluke - GrandKids

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