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Am/Can/Int'l Ch.
Marjetta English Kate,
Am. CD.

Katie at 2 years
Pictured at 2 years

American CD, January 1996
American Champion, February 1991
Canadian Champion, 1992
IABCA Multi Champion

American Group Winner, May 1996
American Multi Group Placer
Multi BOB from the Veterans Class
Group Winner at age 6
Last Group Placement (G3) at age 8

Canadian Group Winner, October 1992
Canadian Multi-Group Placer
BOS Canadian Pointer National, 1992
AOM Canadian Pointer National, 1998 (from the Veterans Class)
Best Veteran Canadian Pointer National, 1998

IABCA Multi BIS Veteran
IABCA Multi Group Winner
IABCA Multi Group Placer

6 American BEST-IN-SHOW Brace
19 Am/Can Group I Brace

Best Veteran in Match (at 10 years 7 months) Eugene Kennel Club's Veteran's Exhibition, June 2000

"Photo Album"
Katie, Fancy Head Shot "Fancy" Head Shot
Katie, December 2000, click to enlarge Portland Kennel Club Bench Show, December 2000 -- age 11
BVIM at age 11, click to enlarge Best Veteran in Match, Eugene Kennel Club, June 2000 -- at 10 years 7 months, image courtesy Eugene Kennel Club
The Pointer Sisters "The Pointer Sisters"
BIS lineup, Portland KC Benchshow, 1993, click to enlarge BIS Lineup, December 1993
Portland Kennel Club Bench Show

BIS Brace, 1993, click to enlarge BIS Brace, Richland, September 1993
Brace in action, click to enlarge Brace in action Between March-December 1993, "The Pointer Sisters" won 6 BIS and 19 Group I, being defeated in group only once
Christmas Card, 'Kids and Candy Canes', click to enlarge "Kids and Candy Canes"
Early Christmas Card, with Sara, Maggie, Jamie, Molly, Katie, and Penny.
Katie and Penny, Christmas 2000, click to enlarge Katie and Penny, age 11
Christmas 2000
Katie, BOB, age 2 BOB, age 2
Katie, Group I, age 6, click to enlarge Group I, age 6
Eugene Kennel Club
Katie, about 2 years Katie, about 2 years
Katie, about 3 months, click to enlarge Katie, about 3 months
Katie, Baby Pix, click to enlarge "Baby Picture"
Katie, Baby Pix, click to enlarge "Baby Picture"

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